Rams final blow to weak end zone failed the first 2-yard touchdown Hanfu Seahawks

Beijing on October 29 morning, the eighth week of the regular season , ” Monday night game ,” Seattle Seahawks away in the same district rival St. Louis Rams . Competition suspense until the last moment , the Rams in the end zone before the two yards Seahawks repeated attacks attempt fails, the Seahawks lost the final 9-14 .

Scenes from the competition point of view, the Rams home game is obviously more advantages . Rams defensive group gave Wilson a sufficient number of pressures, including seven sack Wilson, effectively suppress the Seahawks passing attack . And ground defense is to force , Marshawn – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) The course is only eight times running the ball forward 23 yards , the Seahawks team rushed the ball a few yards and only 44 yards , the defensive group of players who can be described under the foot work .

Comparison with the Seahawks ground attack , the Rams rookie running back Zach – Stan Qi (Zac Stacy) described shine, Stan complete a total of 26 games advancing 134 yards rushing , although there is no harvest touchdowns, but he was for the public Yang team opened the offensive situation contributed.

Rams lose backup quarterback can be attributed partly Karen – Clemens (Kellen Clemens), Clemens half pass feel bad , inadequate understanding with wide receiver , resulting in twice been copied cut , the loss of control of the game of chance .

The game Wilson 18 passes 10 hits advancing 139 yards , with Gordon – Tate (Golden Tate) credited with sending two passing touchdowns . Including competitions Section 80 yards passing touchdowns, the game highlights. Seahawks also rely on Wilson’s two touchdowns passes to beat the Rams 14-9 .

Patriots starting right tackle broken leg probably will require season-ending surgery

According to the ” Boston Herald ” reported that in Sunday’s game because of injury leave New England Patriots starting right tackle Sebastian – Vollmer (Sebastian Vollmer) will carry the right leg fracture repair surgery.

Vollmer is unclear when they can return , in accordance with the present situation he may be placed on the injured reserve list , but can not participate in all the games the rest of the season .

Vollmer graduated from the University of Houston , is a 2009 second-round pick , he has been the Patriots offensive line key players, and has grown into the league one of the best right tackle .

This past offseason Vollmer became a free agent , but the Patriots , and he signed a new four-year contract, which includes incentives and playing time related terms . This season if he can participate in more than 90% of the Patriots offensive kickoff, he will be 1.25 million base salary , based on additional get $ 750,000 in prize money.

In the right tackle position , the Patriots will most likely give third-grader Marcus – Cannon starter in Sunday’s game he replaced the injured Vollmer .

Cardinals Fitzgerald transactions refuted rumors that he will retire in the team

Although the Sun reported that the Arizona Cardinals after the season may be trading their star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald , but the team had hoped the seven-time Pro Bowl star players end up in the desert his career .

The trade rumors for Fitzgerald , Cardinals general manager Steve – Keim said in an interview released a statement . ” I can tell you two things , I hope this will clarify the rumors and keep things simple , I did not , and no one NFL team to trade Larry – Fitzgerald conversation issues , the second thing , the team from top to bottom all hope Larry – Fitzgerald Cardinals retired , if someone spreading rumors, please tell me , we will kick him out . ”

Fitzgerald’s contract is a big problem now , his salary next season is $ 13 million , but it will take $ 18 million in cap space . His contract will expire in 2017 , 2015 his salary-cap space occupied will reach $ 21,250,000 , $ 18,250,000 in 2016 occupied , occupied by $ 15 million in 2017 . Cardinals Fitzgerald in 2011 and signed a $ 120 million contract extension .

Keim said he was on the problems of cap space next three Cardinals look ahead . “Do not consider this situation, we will continue Larry’s contract , ” Keim said. ” Other problems we will continue to discuss , but Larry – Cardinals Fitzgerald is one , and will remain in the Cardinals .”

However, according to several sources, the Cardinals will play in the offseason Fitzgerald open trading window , if the team made ​​the transaction request , Keim does not directly rejected.

Cardinals 27-13 in Sunday ‘s victory over the Atlanta Falcons game , Fitzgerald became the youngest NFL history up to 800 times the ball players .

After Sunday’s game , Fitzgerald had to respond to trade rumors , including her possible at Tuesday’s trade deadline were sent to other teams rumors. ” Every day I come to work , I just focus on that I can help the Arizona Cardinals to win things above , ” Fitzgerald said. “If they decide to trade me, I can not control .”

Vick left leg ligament injured again this week, the Raiders will not be able to play war

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael – Vick (Michael Vick) on Sunday, the team lost to the New York Giants in the game again left leg ligament injury, coach Chip – Kelly said he is likely to be absent at least one game.

Kelly usually does not reveal more details of player injuries, he said he did not know Vic Monday MRI examination conducted by the results. But Kelly said on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders game Vick will not play, but also may be absent longer.

Vick’s replacement Nick – Falls in October 20 game against the Dallas Cowboys suffered a concussion this week, it is unclear whether the appearance. Falls on Monday received a doctor’s examination, after which he also through independent testing to neurology specialists comeback.

Rookie Matt – Barkley Hawks list is the only one healthy quarterback, and if Vic Falls are unable to play, the Eagles team will need to add a quarterback in the week. CJ-Kinney is the training squad quarterback, but he signed with the team last week.

Quarterback ran 93 yards to force defensive touchdowns Raiders Steelers home win

Beijing on October 28 morning ,2013 -14 season, the eighth week of the regular season game, Oakland Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers . Raiders quarterback with 93 -yard run when opening offensive touchdowns and exciting second half defensive group match , the final 21-18 victory over the Steelers , won third win at home .

The bright spot of the game is undoubtedly the Raiders quarterback Terrell – Pryor (Terrelle Pryor) in the beginning of the game ‘s first offensive try to select the red ball and ran 93 yards for a touchdown , creating a history the longest quarterback run the ball touchdowns record. Running back Darren – McFadden (Darren McFadden) also ran two half touchdowns , in addition to the performance of the Raiders offensive group no . Raiders no offense to speak of the second half , only to get a second offensive group first attack and the total yardage advancing only 34 yards. But defense group performance to the force of the Big 5 and sack in the second half resulting in a two ball successfully converted to the Raiders won the third home win . The game is also the Raiders for the first time since 2002, weeks after the holiday the first game to win.

Big promotion today 45 Fax 29 275 yards , his fourth pass Emmanuel – Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders) pulled a touchdown. But generally speaking, Big Ben to face the Raiders defensive front suffered tremendous pressure , steals came in the fourth quarter as well as Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) is off the ball to the Steelers lost the game . In addition, kicker Sean – Su Shamu (Shaun Suisham) kicked two short-range kick.

The game Steelers offensive front line losses. Feng starting left guard Ramon – Foster (Ramon Foster) in the first half concussion leave. Substitute Guy – temperature Perle (Guy Whimper) injured his left knee in the third quarter had to return to the locker room for treatment. Feng also left guard David – De Castro (David DeCastro) are third right knee was injured .

Packers punt the whole game without defeat terror Vikings offensive efficiency

Beijing on October 28 morning, the eighth week of the regular season , ” Sunday Night game ,” Minnesota Vikings vs. the same district rivals Green Bay Packers . Rely on strong ground offensive efficiency propulsion and terror , and ultimately the Packers 44-31 victory over the Vikings .

Packers wide receiver before the group in serious damage , the star wide receiver Randall – Cobb (Randall Cobb) and James – Jones (James Jones) and Everett Jiemaikeer – Finley (Jermichael Finley) can not play because of injury . Enabled the team fresh blood , including sophomore wide receiver Garrett – Boykin (Jarrett Boykin), this year’s undrafted Myers – White (Myles White), and 2010 5 show Everett Andrew – Kwame Lee Adams (Andrew Quarless). Boykin Following the excellent play to play the game to continue after a good performance , six times transmitted to pick his passing five times in advancing 89 yards .

And Eddie – Resistencia (Eddie Lacy) continue to carry the Packers ground attack , 29 times attempts were advancing 94 yards , plus a touchdowns , wonderful performance made ​​him a greater chance of winning Rookie of the impact of this year . In addition, running back James off the bench – Starks (James Starks) also has excellent play, seven times running attack advancing 57 yards and a touchdown .

Aaron – Rodgers 29 pass 24 today to promote 285 yards , passing success rate of 82.8% . Full match came two touchdowns ball , also captured kill two times. But the most noteworthy is that today the Packers offensive efficiency , completed 18 stalls attack 13 times , in addition to two times fourth gear offensive completed, the rest is three times kick. Packers punt the whole game not once , but occupy most of the playing time , so that the Vikings defense group exhausted.

The Vikings did not cause too much threat to the Packers , in addition to beginning of the game rookie Kedadaier – Patterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) kickoff return touchdowns themselves. And Section 4 seconds left , grab the mistakes by the Packers Adrian – Peterson rushed a touchdown , let the game also left a trace of suspense.

Re- appointment of Cristian – Pound (Christian Ponder) today, 21 pass 14 advancing 145 yards , captured kill three times. In addition there are five times running attack advancing 38 yards , and harvested in the fourth quarter garbage time rushing touchdowns .

Broncos scored 38 points reversal Redskins Manning four touchdowns four turnovers

Beijing on October 28 morning , NFL2013 regular season Week 8 game in full swing, the Denver Broncos vs. Washington Redskins game, Peyton – Manning appeared four turnovers, the Broncos had trailed two touchdowns, but in the end they scored 38 points to 45-21 win reversal .

“You can not give Peyton so many opportunities because he treats them to good use , ” Redskins coach Mike – Shanahan said.

Shanahan said yes, Manning the game 44 times to complete 30 passes , advancing 354 yards , four touchdowns , while at the same time there are three steals and one off the ball, but the Broncos defense Redskins group also forced five turnovers occurred .

In D’Angelo – Hall steals Manning ‘s pass back to the attack 26 yards touchdowns , helping the Redskins to 21-7 after leading . Manning began a methodical organization through the attack of the 27 files were advancing 75 yards and 83 yards to obtain touchdowns to help the Broncos equalized . More than half of the season , Manning has reached a cumulative 2,919 yards passing , creating a record of the same period in NFL history .

Redskins quarterback Robert – Griffin III completed 30 passes 15 times , advancing 132 yards , with one touchdown, two steals , left knee injury due to leave early .

The game Broncos got 31 points in the fourth quarter , creating a record in franchise history , eight games this season, they’ve got accumulated 343 points, an average of 42.8 points per game and create scoring record over the same period in NFL history .

Shuangxingshanyao offer the same level of God data point win over the Lions distal reversal of a cowboy

Beijing on October 28 morning , NFL2013 regular season Week 8 as the game continues , where the Detroit Lions at home with quarterback Matthew – Staffordshire pointer with 12 seconds of rushing touchdowns to 31 -30 victory over the Dallas Cowboys .

Lions once in the fourth quarter behind 10 points , a lot of fans into the stadium and Ford did not see the team complete reversal, because at that time they had left the stadium. “Despite our fans that we are unable to complete reversal , ” wide receiver Calvin – Johnson said. “They left the stadium , but we know we can do .”

Johnson the game 14 times the ball forward 329 yards , with one touchdown, he almost broke the NFL single-game record catch , 329 yards to score just behind former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Felipe – Anderson November 26, 1989 game against the New Orleans Saints when creating a record of 336 yards , scored the overtime that game . Johnson ‘s teammate Reggie – George W. Bush said on Twitter after the game , Johnson is the NFL ‘s greatest wide receiver .

Lions appeared in the game four turnovers , but did not cause the opponent a mistake , they became in 2007 the Patriots beat the Dolphins first team since in this case the team can still win .

Stafford completed 48 passes 33 times , advancing 488 yards , is his career single-game passing yardage , the second highest , with a touchdown, two steals . Bush rushed the ball 21 times forward 92 yards , with one touchdown.

Cowboys quarterback Tony – Romo completed 30 passes 14 times , this is the first time since his 2009 single-game passing success rate of less than 50 %, with three touchdowns, 206 yards forward, no mistakes . The game Cowboys offensive and defensive ends of each two starters did not play , namely offensive team DeMarco – Murray , Myers – Austin and defense group Demarcus – Vail and JJ- Vail Cox .

Brady Patriots state average three Zaoqin kill dolphins halftime Reversal of Fortune

Beijing on October 28 morning , NFL2013 regular season Week 8 game round started at Gillette Stadium , home game of the New England Patriots in the first half behind the case 3-17 complete reversal in the second half , the final achieved a 27-17 victory .

Half the Patriots only 59 yards forward , but they broke out in the third quarter , only seven stalls attack to complete two touchdowns. “We have not played so good in the third quarter , but today we did it , ” Patriots coach Bill – Belichick said.

- Tom Brady ‘s performance can only say that in general , 22 passes 13 times completed a touchdown, one steals , three times captured and killed . This is the season eight games his first five passes, the success rate of over 50% , 116 yards passing since the 2006 season, he was the second least passing yardage . “I know a lot of people are very disappointed , ” Brady said . “But six wins and two losses record is not bad .”

Stephanie Wan – Ridley rushed the ball 14 times forward 79 yards , 1 touchdown . Aaron – Dobson four times the ball forward 60 yards , one touchdown. Rob – Marcus Khodorkovsky two times the ball forward 27 yards .

Dolphins suffered four straight scoreless second half of the field . Ryan – Tannehill completed 44 passes 22 times , advancing 192 yards , two touchdowns, two steals .

Brady face of unprecedented challenges to create career low number of data

Usually taken in the face of rival quarterback shock tactics, when Brady is the league passing the ball the fastest and most accurate players. But former NFL quarterback Ron – Jaworski evaluated this week on ESPN that when the ball this season, it has become less easy. By watching the video, Jaworski to show the Brady in the face Bengals passing game is so bad, the video shows that in the face of the impact of his Tigers team when Brady could have pass the ball to Julian – Edelman or Aaron – Dobson, but he completely missed the target.

“In the pocket when Brady can lob pass to Edelman, or pass a ball to Dobson Road flat, but these two things did not happen, which is subject to the result of pressure.” Jaworski said . “The Brady oppression tight pocket, he did not have enough time to wait for the catcher ran out of line and space to pass.”

ESPN’s statistics show that 2012 season, quarterback Brady in the face of shocks when passing success rate was 64.2%, 117.6 passer rating was only captured kill seven times. And this season, in the same circumstances, Brady’s passing success rate of only 53.8%, 81.9 passer rating, has been captured and killed nine times.

At least until now, Brady is going through his worst season. His previous 11 as the Patriots starting quarterback last season, Brady’s passing success rate has never been lower than 60% passer rating has never been lower than 85. And this season, his passing success rate was 55.4% passer rating was 75.3. In addition he was captured and killed according to the current figures, the end of the season he might captured and killed 46, after he captured and killed most of the season was his first as a starter when the Patriots (41)

Of course, Brady dropped data should consider many reasons, such as whether it is his state is indeed in decline, whether it was because the front is not as offensive. Also in the past Brady can rely Weiss – Wilk, Rob – Marcus Khodorkovsky or Aaron – Hernandez, in the face of shocks time for short pass attempt. This year, Wilk in Denver, Hernandez in prison, while Khodorkovsky played only one game.

Whatever the reason, the pressure exerted on Brady on the Patriots who is a real problem.